6 Reasons to Choose Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Dec 24, 2021 | Epoxy Flooring Tips

Metallic epoxy has grown in popularity over recent years due to the stunning and one-of-a-kind finish these coatings provide. Metallic epoxy can transform a room into an elegant-looking space that reflects light to create the illusion of depth. Metallic epoxies also offer excellent durability, allowing this coating to be used in high foot traffic areas. If you are analyzing metallic epoxy for your next flooring project, consider these six reasons to choose metallic epoxy.

1. Metallic epoxy is long-lasting

Metallic epoxies are incredibly hard-wearing, making them more suitable for high-traffic areas of the building. Although they are still more susceptible to damage than other floor coatings, their extreme durability means that you will not have to worry about your metallic epoxy coating chipping or peeling.

2. Metallic epoxy can create a seamless look

One of the best features about metallic epoxies is that they can be used to create a seamless finish on floors, using your imagination to create unique designs and patterns on the surface. This makes metallic epoxy flooring ideal for those who are looking to make an entrance with their flooring. Metallic epoxy can be used to create stunning crystal-like designs or even a speckled effect.

3. Metallic epoxy is environmentally friendly and sustainable

The UV cured metallic epoxies we supply are manufactured with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and minimal odors, helping you achieve the perfect finish without affecting the air quality in your building. Metallic epoxy can also be recycled. If your floor coating becomes damaged, parts of the surface layer may be removed and used elsewhere, making metallic epoxy an eco-friendly option for flooring.

4. Metallic epoxy is extremely shiny

The UV cured technology we use to create our metallic epoxy coatings allows the elevated metal particles to reflect light, creating a beautiful shine that will wow your visitors. Metallic epoxies offer increased corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance which makes them suitable for areas of high traffic.

5. Metallic epoxy is available in a range of colors

Although metallic epoxy flooring has become most popular with neutral-colored designs, other colors are certainly available should you wish to create a colorful metallic epoxy flooring. Metallic epoxy can be mixed with different pigments for unique color effects that are not possible with paints or tiles. Metallic epoxies are available in many pastel tones, giving your room a chic look that is perfect for any modern home.

6. Metallic epoxy is versatile

Although metallic epoxy flooring is most popular for use in bathrooms and hallways, these finishes can be used on a variety of indoor surfaces, including countertops, cabinets, doors, and more. Metallic epoxy coatings are available in a range of thicknesses to suit your specifications. Whether you’re looking for a durable flooring option or a versatile coating to use on many surfaces, metallic epoxy is a perfect choice.

You Can Even Create Three Dimensional Designs

One of the most unique qualities of metallic epoxy is the ability to create a three-dimensional design that mimics the movement of elements like water, fire, or lava. Metallic epoxies are perfect for creating unique designs that are bound to impress your friends and guests.

The reflective qualities of metallic epoxy mean it can be used in many different building areas, including hallway floors, bathroom floors, cabinets, countertops, doors, and more. Metallic epoxy comes in a wide range of reflectivities and thicknesses, allowing you to customize your metallic epoxy flooring.

Color Customization

As the popularity of metallic epoxies has increased, so have the color options available on the market. Metallic epoxy is available in many different pastel tones, including neutrals such as gray, tan, and white. Metallic epoxies are also available in more vibrant tones such as gold, silver, and copper. Metallic epoxy can be mixed with different pigments to create unique colors and effects that cannot be achieved with paints or tiles.

Whether you’re looking for a durable flooring option or a highly versatile coating to use throughout your home, metallic epoxy is a perfect choice. Not only is metallic epoxy extremely shiny and highly reflective, but it also comes in a wide range of color options that will impress your guests. Metallic epoxy is available in many different thicknesses for any specification.

Great for Residential and Commercial Applications

Metallic epoxy is most popular for use in high-traffic residential and commercial locations. The durability of metallic epoxies means that your floor will be protected from abrasion, scuffs, scratches, and impacts. This makes it perfect for areas like hallways, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, basements, garages, workshops, and more.

If you’re ready to transform your floors with metallic epoxy, reach out to our team at Epoxy Flooring Sacramento for a free consultation.