Epoxy Flooring Sacramento

At epoxy flooring Sacramento, we offer a full range of professional epoxy flooring solutions. Our knowledgeable team is trained in both installation and the latest coatings technology to guarantee your project runs smoothly from start to finish. We also strive for budget-friendly prices on every service so you can be confident that you are getting excellent value with us at all times.

Ever since we began providing epoxy flooring solutions, we have expanded our business exponentially. We serve both homeowners and businesses in the North Highlands area with installation and repair services.

Renovating your home or business can be a nerve-wracking process, but we want to help you make yours a huge success. Our goal is to deliver nothing but flooring solutions that will improve the look of your property.

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    Are you ready to renovate your residential or commercial flooring?

    We can assist you in upgrading your home or business!

    We offer a wide range of flooring services to accommodate all your needs. We install and repair epoxy floors on a weekly basis so we always know what to deliver for customers like you.

    If your floor is in need of resurfacing or repair services, we can provide that service. We have professional-grade epoxy for many different types of uses, including restaurants, auto shops and manufacturing facilities.

    Epoxy Flooring Sacramento



    We want to discuss some of the intricacies of epoxy flooring systems by going over the entire installation process:

    In the first step of our process, we will perform an exhaustive inspection to identify and repair any obstacles. This includes small holes or cracks in your concrete flooring that can affect our performance.

    With a few measurements, we can accurately determine the size of your floor so that we have an idea of how best to lay it. We also pay attention to creative design for your property’s needs such as traffic patterns and climate zones.

    We’ll also consider colors, textures, and other decorative options to design your epoxy flooring system. We’ll work closely with you and give you the best possible outcome.

    The duration of the installation would depend on the size and complexity. One can however, expect a traditional residential epoxy flooring to take us about two days to complete. We are efficient in meeting the installation schedule.

    Before starting construction on your floor, we must complete a few standard practices. First, ensure that the floors are thoroughly cleaned so that the epoxy paint will be applied smoothly. Secondly, take care to spread evenly across the entire surface of your floor and use necessary equipment such as a roller to apply it with ease.

    We typically apply a protective layer of epoxy paint to reinforce your floor, which will protect it from heat and moisture. You should wait for 24 hours so that the epoxy can completely cure before going over with another coat.

    If your home or business is in need of a new floor, contact Epoxy Flooring North Highland for expert help. We have years of experience installing all types of floors to suit our client’s needs at any budget. Our installers will work with you from start to finish to find the perfect style and material for your space!

    The Benefits of

    Professional-Grade Epoxy

    Let us help you improve your floors with residential and commercial epoxies. Our expertise will give you numerous unique benefits that can’t be found elsewhere!

    Durability and Strength – Epoxy floor installations are incredibly tough, and resistant to heat, moisture and chemical spills. They provide a strength that most traditional flooring cannot achieve. This will go a long way in preventing cracks, dents and holes from showing up..

    Incredible Adhesive Properties – The epoxy flooring you choose should seal the surface of your floors by creating a powerful bond which can only be removed with special tools and skills. Epoxy is also self-leveling, which helps it cover every surface evenly.

    Upgraded Appearances – Epoxy flooring is one of many ways to modernize and give a space an updated appearance. We offer many different color, texture, and other decorative design options so you can choose the specific style that will work best for your home or commercial location.

    Non-Slip Additives – Safety is a top priority for both pedestrians and motorists, but it’s especially important for children who are less stable on their feet. Epoxy flooring can create an anti-slip environment, which will prevent injury in the event of a fall. It also provides extra traction to allow safe movement.

    Simple Maintenance – Epoxy overlays are an easy-to-clean flooring material that won’t need to be resurfaced anytime soon. By sealing off the concrete underneath, you can keep your home or work area clean and healthy without worrying about damaging the installation through spills, chemicals, etc.

    Epoxy Flooring Sacramento

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    Services We Offer

    Our company always prioritizes the needs of our clients. This is why we offer a wide range of options for residents and businesses in North Highland. Listed below are the different types of epoxy flooring services that we can provide:

    Garage Floor Epoxy – To protect your garage flooring, we recommend applying an epoxy overlay. The wear and tear from traffic on your exterior concrete can lead to scratches or other unattractive marks. Epoxies also work well for surfaces that are subject to spills from chemicals, oils, etc., as the epoxy will cover up any surface imperfections caused by the liquid. This strengthens your garage’s concrete and reduces deterioration so you can store more items there without fear of weight-related damages to the ground below.

    Basement Epoxy Flooring – If you have a basement in your home, the first step to installing any floor protection would be epoxy. This is because basements can get damp and wet, which will cause extensive damage to the structural foundations of it. Furthermore, as they’re often one of the cheapest rooms with bad lighting, it’s also cheaper than most other types of treatments.

    Commercial Epoxy Flooring – Businesses and commercial facilities also benefit from more durable flooring systems. Epoxy typically creates a schedule for weekly maintenance that is easier to manage, it provides a superior appearance and will attract new customers searching for a superior shopping experience. People are quick to notice the appearance of your facility so make sure it stands out by using qualified products like epoxy resin coatings on floors.

    Industrial Epoxy Flooring – Factories, warehouses and plants are all potential environments for receiving industrial epoxy flooring. Industrial-grade flooring works to prevent disruption caused by physical defects in the floor. It also helps increase productivity through slip-resistance in spaces that experience a lot of activity on a daily basis.

    Epoxy Flooring Sacramento

    Metallic Epoxy Flooring – Metallic epoxy is a mixture of metallic pigments that create 3-D effects in your flooring. You can apply this type of epoxy virtually anywhere, but it’s usually used for hotel lobbies and showrooms as decoration to make them look more luxurious. Metallic epoxy is among the more modern-looking and attractive flooring options available.




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