Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Industrial epoxy flooring is used in industrial and commercial settings over concrete, steel, or wood floors. It can be used for warehouses, workshops, factories, large retail stores, supermarkets etc. Industrial epoxy floor is quite tough and durable so it has gained popularity for use in these kinds of places. Epoxy flooring has become a popular choice amongst industrial entrepreneurs. It’s durable, easy to maintain and very attractive. There are several options available for people who need an epoxy flooring system that they can count on for their business or warehouse. If you are planning to remodel your office, warehouse or factory in Sacramento or any other place give us a call today!



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    If you are looking for epoxy flooring in Sacramento or other places in CA, then your first stop should be with the leading epoxy Flooring company. We promise to help you transform the look of your floor and get it ready for any kind of use.

    Industrial Epoxy Flooring

    Industrial Epoxy

    Installation Process

    The industrial epoxy flooring is a next generation floor covering option that looks attractive and provides excellent functionality throughout its lifetime. The product will not rust or corrode, offers superior impact resistance and it has great thermal protection (temperature range from -100 to 220F). It can be applied on concrete, steel or wood floors. Epoxy flooring requires no special maintenance and it can be easily cleaned with soap, water or detergent solution if spilled on the finish making it ideal in Industrial setting!

    The first step is to remove all the old materials and have the surface cleaned. The old coating should be removed carefully so that it can be reused for any other purpose. Epoxy flooring does not need much preparation so it becomes easy and fast to install. Since the material is quite tough it is suitable for commercial use too where there is a lot of heavy loads. The industrial coverage rate is from 4 to 6 sq.ft/gallon and it will go around 120 square feet per gallon!

    The application of the epoxy floor coating is fairly easy . we start from a corner or any other place that is easily accessible and gradually move on to more challenging spots. Once every spot is coated, you can let it dry overnight and then apply the final coat next morning. The material will start drying in about 20 minutes after the application. The industrial epoxy flooring gives long lasting durable protection to concrete floors with minimum maintenance throughout its lifetime and can withstand repeated heavy impact from forklifts and other large objects. It is a perfect choice for warehouses, farm machinery factories and commercial flooring.

    The 6 Benefits of

    Industrial Epoxy Coatings

    There are many benefits of using industrial epoxy flooring including:

    Maintenance-free performance: Industrial Epoxy Flooring is very easy to clean and maintain. It doesn’t rust, corrode or tarnish easily so the maintenance cost for your epoxy floor is just about zero! While there will be some spills every now and then, it will be quite easy to clean up after them. It is waterproof so your epoxy flooring won’t get damaged by water either! The weather resistant material also prevents the growth of mold and mildew on the surface. This makes it perfect for use at warehouses, factories and other commercial or industrial places where there is a lot of dirt and moisture.

    No special tools or skills required: There is no need for any special skills or tools to apply the epoxy flooring. It can be done by any worker with minimal training so there are no additional labor costs! The workers will just need to get trained on how to wear protective gear while working with the product. Industrial Epoxy Flooring in Sacramento can be used on concrete or wood floors and it will transform them into something that looks very impressive.

    Easy to install: The industrial epoxy floor coating is easily applied in 1-2 coats so the whole project can get completed quickly! It is fairly easy to apply and dries quickly once applied. This makes it suitable for a 24-hour work environment, so you can get your flooring done and ready in no time! Industrial epoxy coating is resistant to oil and other chemicals (mineral spirits) that are commonly used in the manufacturing plants, reducing additional costs on maintenance and cleanup

    Long lasting and durable: Industrial Epoxy Flooring has a long-lasting durability that can last for years. In fact, the product is so strong that it can handle any heavy traffic without getting damaged! Since there are no special maintenance costs involved, this will save you money on cleanup later on down the line too!

    Chemical and stain resistant: An Industrial Epoxy Floor coating is perfect for warehouses because it is extremely chemical and stain resistant! This means that the epoxy flooring can handle all kinds of chemicals, oils, solvents, acids and so forth without getting damaged or stained! Keeping a warehouse safe requires a lot of effort and industrial epoxy floor coating helps you do it without any problems!

    Industrial Epoxy Flooring

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    What We Offer

    Take a look at all of the services and types of epoxy flooring that we offer to all of our customers in the Sacramento area.

    Standard Epoxy Flooring – Our epoxy flooring can be used to coat various surfaces including concrete floors, and garage floors. Our standard colors include black, grey, white, purple and silver.

    Metallic Epoxy Flooring – Metallic epoxy flooring is more expensive but it gives a great shiny finish to the floor or surface. We can add a metallic shine to your garage floors, shop floors, and industrial flooring applications.

    Pool Deck Resurfacing – Our epoxy mix is perfect for pool decks too! Using our specialized technique along with an advanced epoxy coating, you can get your pool deck looking brand new and shining again. Our work has been known to last longer than other resurfacing methods that have a shorter lifespan .

    Flake Epoxy Flooring – Flake flooring has a ‘snowflaked’ look to it. This makes an epoxy floor that is perfect for any hallways, driveways and even sheds! It has bright colors and durability to last for years!

    Industrial Epoxy Flooring

    There are many people out there who have seen the wonderful benefits of using epoxy as a coating. Do you have any interest in our flooring services? We’d love to hear from you or any questions, please contact us today.




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