Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic epoxy gloss and satin finishes available: copper metallic epoxy flooring is called the “Rolls Royce” of epoxy floors! It has a beautiful rich metallic sheen that looks like it was poured directly from its molten state onto the concrete or wood surface. Note: there is no product on today’s market which comes close to the beauty and durability of this modern floor finish. The term “must have” was coined for this product because once you install one of these floors in your home or business, you will simply not want anything else!

Well established formula: for the past 10 years this product has been used and recommended by professional installers across the country to provide a long lasting, warm, rich, commercial quality look to residential & business floors.

Comes with optional clear coat: as seen below this epoxy floor comes with a clear coat that provides extra protection and enhanced gloss and depth of shine. (clear coat is not available on metallic black but can be added)



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    Are you ready for the floor you’ve always dreamed of?

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    We offer a diverse selection of high-quality epoxy flooring systems that we know will exceed your expectations. Our company has established itself as an industry leader, so you can rely on us to provide what you need and want.

    Maintaining a level of comfort with your flooring can be difficult no matter what type it is. Epoxy systems provide the perfect solution for those looking to update their flooring and make it comfortable in any space regardless of its intended purpose.

    Metallic Epoxy Flooring

    Epoxy Flooring

    Installation Process

    Metallic epoxy floors are installed by professional, certified installers in a process that generally takes 1-2 days to complete.

    Here are the general steps:

    Prep the floor for installation of your new metallic epoxy floor using a suitable cleaner and degreaser. Sand surfaces with 80 grit sandpaper to remove all old concrete and other debris from the surface. Clean off any dust, loose paint chips or other foreign materials from the area where you will be installing your new metallic epoxy flooring. Ensure that no oil, grease, dirt or other impurities contaminate the space as this can cause eventual adhesion failure over time!

    Once you have cleaned and prepared the floor following 300 degree curing times (typically 30min-3hrs) then can proceed with the actual application of wax.


    Apply several coats of epoxy flooring wax over the area. Wait 1 hour between coats then use 400 grit sandpaper to lightly sand the surface. Again, clean off any dust and debris from the entire surface of the floor.

    Apply 2-3 top coats of epoxy flooring wax (300 degree curing times apply).

     Allow your metallic epoxy floor to cure for a minimum of 3 days prior to installing adhesives, rugs or other types of objects into the wet coating. This will allow you to enjoy your new floors in its optimal state!

    Other than that – you’re done! Enjoy your beautiful new metallic epoxy floors which can now take years of wear and tear with ease!

    Benefits of

    Metallic Epoxy Floors:

    There are many beneficial properties that make epoxy an ideal material for flooring. The following list will summarize the most notable benefits:

    Durable – This product is 100% solvent-free, which means the solvents have been replaced with natural fiber-reinforced binders. This makes it far more flexible and durable than regular epoxy flooring materials as it can withstand temperatures as high as 114°F (45°C) without any adverse effects. Durability does add to the cost but if you want a long lasting flooring solution then this product will be worth every penny!

    Easy to clean – When properly cleaned regular metallic epoxy floors require little or no buffing due to its rich, solid coloration. It’s also fume free so unlike polyurethane coatings it won’t leave an odor! Metallic epoxy floors are truly meant for professional application and it will show!

    Extremely high gloss – Because this is a powder-coated system the surface can be made to appear almost mirror-like in appearance with no dullness. It’s easy to clean, looks great, and performs exceptionally well making it one of the best flooring materials available on the market today. Approved for commercial use in many businesses nationwide so you know its up to par!

    Nonporous – Polyurethane coatings are nonporous which means that they do not absorb liquids or odors. This makes them perfect for kitchen areas where spills and other such complications may occur! They don’t scratch easily either so if someone does happen to nick your tile you won’t have to worry about it affecting the overall appearance.

    Metallic Epoxy Flooring

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    What We Offer

    We offer a range of epoxy flooring styles that can be installed in various locations, including residential homes, commercial businesses and industrial facilities. Below you can see some example types and creative services we provide:

    Decorative Flake Epoxy – Flake epoxy, or flake flooring, is a decorative element made by combining ceramic chips with epoxy. It can be applied on concrete, wood and other surfaces. Professional installers at Epoxy Flooring Sacramento offer high-quality installations of this flooring system to provide your home an updated, modern appearance that looks like a work of art.

    Metallic Epoxy Flooring: Metallic epoxy flooring is made from metallic pigments mixed with epoxy resin, providing a durable surface that can withstand heavy traffic. Metallic Epoxy Floor manufacturers offer a broad range of colors and textures. If you happen to live in an area where there is significant foot traffic, our professionals will recommend the most suitable type for your living or work space. You can count on Epoxy Flooring Sacramento as we have transforms any surface into an attractive and modern-style element!

    Standard Epoxy Flooring: One of the best flooring materials for homes or businesses is standard epoxy coating. This option provides a strong, smooth surface that hides scuffs and scratches well, as well as makes sure there are no areas left bare without coating. It can be installed on most surfaces (including concrete), with one day being all it will take to complete the process – perfect for busy people. We commit to using only quality products from reputable manufacturers who will stand behind us 100%.

    Residential Epoxy Flooring: Epoxy floors are recommended for residential areas where heavy traffic is expected. They can be used on all surfaces and work well indoors or outdoors, meaning the flooring suits a variety of environments. And with its low gloss finish it will make your space appear modern, attractive and elegant!

    Metallic Epoxy Flooring

    Commercial Areas: We also specialize in development of high-quality coatings for commercial purposes. Reinforced epoxy floors are our specialty. They can be placed anywhere, even in an area that has sustained significant water damage, and they offer lasting protection to your hard surfaces from excess wear and tear due to environmental elements such as moisture or corrosion caused by strong chemical substances.




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